15 July

Is AVG Capable Of Scanning Malware Or Virus?

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When we hear the word malware, we believe it to be a threat that will harm the PC one hundred percent. If one such malware is fencing around your computer system, be alert! These are a serious danger that can damage the PC’s life in a jiffy. It can be hidden somewhere in the file you downloaded or a link you mistook as an important source of information.

Buy AVG Antivirus Online and safeguard your system against the different types of malware like viruses, spyware, ransomware, Trojans, botnets etc. Do you know that AVG software is fully dedicated in their scans for malware? Once you schedule the scanning, the tools will fully diagnose the entire files, data, and the information you are working upon. Thereafter, the scanned reports (with the minute details of even a single byte) would reach you as quickly as possible. This protection software will work to remove or block the threats immediately.

How To Schedule The Scans?

  • Locate the AVG UI on the Windows.
  • Open that icon and look for scanning my computer option.
  • Once you have located it, select it and your PC would be diagnosed. You would be informed quickly about any threat detected.
  • If you want to set the time for it, you must tap on the gear icon beside it.
  • Then go to the scan parameter and create a name for it. You should specify the areas and the file type to scan.
  • Click on the scheduling option present towards the left-hand side.
  • Place a tick mark on schedule the scan and mention if you want to scan once or on a periodic basis.
  • You may then manage the preference i.e.
    • • Don’t commence the process in case batteries are running. You may tick the option for ignoring the schedules if the system isn’t connected to the cables.
    • • If battery mode commences, tick the checkbox in case the cable is removed from the source during the scanning period.
    • • You may turn off the system completely. Tap on the box to turn off the PC after it was diagnosed.
  • Setup the time you want the tools to run. The program is in 24-hour format (like use 23:00 instead of 11 P.M. or 19:00 instead of 7 P.M.) hence, use the correct period.
  • Then in the system configuration, locate the day option and set it up. Confirm it with the ok button.

The scans are now completed. These features will be advanced and refined if you upgrade it to AVG Internet Security 2017 or AVG Total Security 2018. Get in touch with our experts who will guide you how to upgrade AVG to a new version. Do not worry; the service would be quick and relevant.

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